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Technical Landscape
at the room 'Diesel'

Created for a technical training center, as a commercial assignment.

ROVC Technische Opleidingen BV
Ede, The Netherlands

16 m × 2 m (W × H) @ 150 dpi
95.079 × 12.402 pixels ≈ > 1.179 megapixels


More info about 'The making of Technical Landscape' soon to come... ###########


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May 2017 | Ede, the Netherlands
A proud and happy Jan van den Broek – #DigitalArtist –
in front of his creation 'Technisch Landschap' ('Technical Landscape').

Photo: Mulders Fotografie



April 2017 | 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
The making of 'Technical Landscape'.

More info soon to come...

Storytelling by Jan van den Broek




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