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Photography & digital art of Religion & spirituality


In churches, at cemeteries and other holy places there is much to see in the field of religion and spirituality.


Crucifixes, the Holy Mother Mary, saints and angels in many kinds. All art in themselves. In one place even more beautiful than in the other. I try to pay attention to the details particularly.


The photo itself – in colour or as black & white – or trying to create new art; probably pretty at your home or office, exposed at the wall.


Click on any photo below to enlarge it in a new frame...



Guardian Angel

Jesus Christ Superstar

Wounded angel

(This is the love God offers)

Jesus in Saint-Mammès

The Angel Behind Mother Mary

Angel Writing on Marble

Mother Mary Pray 4 Us

Crucified Angel

Our Father Who Art In Heaven

Free after 'God created Adam'

Jesus in a bed of leaves

Mother and Child

Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus, King of the Jews)

Maria de Foulain

A place to pray

Avé Maria Mater Dei
(Hail Mary, Mother of God)

Sweet angel

 Reconnaissance à Ste Agathe

St Mary the Virgin

The old church of the
village Grand Thon (France)

Reconnaissance à Ste Thérèse

(Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum)

Praying to God

Mother Mary on Stained Glass

St. Mathildis


(miraculous climb)




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