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#NatureArt by 2BHAPPY4EVER


The sun at sunrise or sunset, the clouds in the various countries so diverse. The new bloom of trees and leaves that color freshly green, like the spring green grass where the young lambs graze. Summer with its intense heat and scorching drought. Splitting wood ... The sun with all its glamour. The mushrooms in autumn and the leaf so beautiful; the trees begin to lose their leaves in the violence of the stormy wind and the raging rain. The winter with its enchanting snow blanket and the tranquil water and the reflective ice ...


All such beautiful subjects for photography and digital art!


#SeasonsArt in many different kinds; probably pretty at your home, exposed at the wall; the office, at school, and...


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Morning Sun 'Coudewater' #01

Morning Sun 'Coudewater' #02





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